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Since I began writing this blog in early 2005, the community that reads it has grown tremendously. Each day, hundreds of comments are posted, and plenty of “old timers” have made names for themselves by their insights and trading prowess. There’s even a Hall of Fame page celebrating the best of them. Hang around for a bit, and you’ll quickly pick up on the pulse and personality of the Slope of Hope. 

Every post has comments, which you’ll find if you scroll down to the bottom of an individual post. It is there you can chime in with your own comments or questions. The comments are “nested”, which means responses (and responses to responses……) are indented to make it clear where independent discussions are taking place within the thread. You can also “Like” any comment.

Discussion is a vital part of the site. People learn from one another, share ideas, offer suggestions, and create an “atmosphere” on the site which makes it vibrant and self-sustaining. If you haven’t set up an account yet, please do so by clicking here. It’s fast, it’s free, and it’ll make Slope a lot more fun for you!

Searching Comments

 There are literally millions of comments going back for years in the Slope archives. To search them, you can either click the Search Comments History button near the comment entry box, or you can choose this item from the menu:

At this point, you’ll be sent to this page, where you just type in something you want to search.

It then provides the results, along with a couple of ways to refine the results.

You can point to any comment and click it. If you do so, a new tab will be invoked taking you to the exact location of that specific comment in its original post.

We provide you with a list of all the authors in the result list, so you can hone in on one specific author (or, if you want to see them all again, just choose the blank choice at the top of the dropdown).

Likewise, you can filter comments based on the minimum number of Likes received.

Here are the Top Five Things to Know About the Comments Section

Slopers are friendly! The most common concern I hear from “lurkers” (that is, folks who read but don’t participate in comments) is that they’re worried about being embarrassed. Don’t be! Slopers are a friendly, helpful bunch that want nothing more than to share, teach, and interact with other traders. This is a well-established community that embraces new participants with open arms.

You need an account to participate: An account with Slope costs nothing and takes about ten seconds to create. Just click here – it’s fast and painless. You can always go back later and make any changes with the Profile link at the top of the screen.

An avatar makes you one of the cool kids: Although it’s not required to have one of those spiffy little pictures next to your screen name, it sure does give you more of a personality. If you didn’t make an avatar when you first set up your account, take a moment to add a picture in your profile by clicking the Change Photo link. It can be the real you, a cartoon, a famous person, or anyone else. Express yourself!

Click on any Sloper’s profile to learn about them: You can read about other folks, choose to highlight their comments, follow them via email, or – in instances where you’d rather not read what a particular person has to say – just Ignore them altogether. There are also Follow and Ignore buttons beneath every comment for convenient one-click access.

Use the @ sign to get someone’s attention: Just type @ followed by a person’s screen name, and you can make sure they will see it, even if they don’t happen to be reading the comments stream. When you start typing their screen name, the possible choices will be displayed, as shown below. Just click the one you want, and that person will automatically be emailed your comment.

I tend to be open to divergent opinions. Having said that, I do consider this place to be similar to a gathering at my house………my goal is for people to enjoy themselves, learn from each other, and want to return. But if someone chooses to act unpleasantly, I’m going to ask that person to leave (or, more accurately, ban them). It very rarely happens – maybe two or three times a  year – but if someone is really nasty, they’re going to get the boot (typically to the rousing cheers of everyone else).

Your presence here is a gift to me, and I appreciate your making Slope a part of your day. Thank you!