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Graphic Content: Parental Discretion

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The Slope of Hope Daily Digest has been a regular mailing from the site for many years. We just beefed it up to be more graphical and, I hope, more appealing to read.

All Slope of Hope users get this daily email, unless they specifically opt out. If you aren’t getting yours, and you’d like to, just go to the Profile Page and make sure you’ve opted in to the Daily Digest.

The Matrix of Market Psychology

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In the midst of work uncovering a target for the US dollar that will surprise many if it comes about, of taking a hard look at the messages of long-term Treasury yields and the yield curve, defining potential macro outcomes (inflation, Goldilocks or deflation) based on these indications and planning strategy accordingly, NFTRH 662 got a little out there with a discussion of the mindset that is behind the name of the Notes From the Rabbit Hole service.

The mention of John Hussman (I could also have put the estimable Jeff Snider or the Robert Prechter of yore in this piece) is not meant to insult. It is meant to simply state that a fiduciary manager like him, honestly following his work, is not geared to make significant gains during high risk market phases.


Hijacked Airliner

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Good morning and welcome back from the Fourth of July weekend.

Unfortunately, out of 30,000 posts that appeared on the Slope, this will be the worst one in all history because for reasons too long and boring to explain I do not have access to a laptop and I’m going to get on a cross-country airplane flight. The only reason I’m able to put this post together is because I have my iPhone and I am fairly adept.

I’m afraid I’ll be up to you to talk amongst yourselves for the entire market day and when I get back settled into my beloved home I shall catch up and offer my sincere gratitude and apologies.

If any guest contributors feel like contributing, this would be a hell of a good day to do it because I am at least able to publish posts